Blogs and People I Love

There are a few other really cool blogs/websites/etc. that I follow, and if you're not friends with these people, you will want to become best friends IMMEJUTLY.

ColumbusCook is run by my friend Matt King in Columbus, Ohio.  He's just your regular guy cooking it up and blogging about it, sharing recipes and tricks, etc. ColumbusCook features great reviews on recipes, restaurants, cooking tools, and just about anything kitchen related.  He's super informative without coming off as a giant douchecanoe.  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Oz Images is owned and operated by my good friend Brighid Uddyback.  She's an amazing photographer and her talents range from portraits to maternity and newborn shoots and fine art.  I actually have one of her pieces hanging in my living room and get a load of compliments when people come over.  She's insanely talented and has a really cool blog to go with her website.  Bonus? If you're in her neck of the woods in North Carolina, she's available for hire.

Flour Power Cupcakes is an Athens, Ohio gem.  Tucked away in South Eastern Ohio, Natalie Eskey is bringing larger than life flavor to littlle cakes.  What started as a making cupcakes for friends and bake sales for Hocking College's former women's center mophed into a home-baking business.   Natalie offers cream puffs, cocktail cupcakes (hold on to your martini glass...holy cakecasm), caramel apples, and other assorted cupcakes.  While she doesn't have a blog, she's got a menu that will make you wish you were in Southeastern Ohio.

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